Trail Camera Buying Tips

Nowadays, there are many types of trial cameras and you can be confused when you go shopping, especially in the first time. What I’m going tell you below will be the main ideas that show you how to choose and purchase a good camera for your needs. Notice these things and I believe that you can buy a good camera that is suitable for your desires.

3 Trail Camera Buying Tips

Picture Quality

Picture Quality Trail Camera

First, we will research about trial camera picture quality. Many companies can try to trick you by advertising a trial camera with high megapixel and can take high resolution photos. But in reality, they maybe use a low quality lens which reduce the quality of the picture. I suggest you should look at the photo from that camera reviews. Look at the clarity, brightness, color, sharpness, and contrast of the pictures. This is the best way to judge the picture quality from a camera exactly. Notice the night photos.

Depending on the camera model, there are many different flash and infrared camera types which affect the night photos. The camera will produce black and white photos or produce incandescent photos with colors, it depends on your camera type.

Detection Circuit

Detection circuit of trial camera is the part of camera which will detect the animal. To choose a good camera, notice this part is important:

  • Trigger and Recovery Time: Trigger time is the time a camera takes to snap a photo when the object has entered the detection zone. Recovery time is the time a camera store the taken photo and be ready for the next one
  • Detection Zone: Detection zone is the area that camera will detect. It consists of field of view, detection angle, range, and area, depends on model of the camera you have.

Detection Zone Camera

Some trial cameras have rapid fire burst mode which takes several photos after being triggered. Choose a camera has a good trigger and recovery time, while has wide detection zone. Notice this carefully if you don’t want to miss every minute of the animal.


Trial cameras with long battery life will save your time and money, also your cameras will work better and more effective. You do not have to check your camera and change your battery pack often, so you can minimize your activity on the hunting ground. Some kind of trial cameras have optional solar panel that charge and use solar energy as your camera’s power. Your battery life is shown on battery level indicator, and base on your camera model, choose battery wisely and fit for your camera. You should schedule to go to check and charge or replace batteries.


These things above are just the basics Trail Camera Buying Tips that you should notice. Trial cameras are quite complex because of their features and each camera has its own unique in some ways. Don’t worry, we will walk and guide you through your buying process. If you have any question about how to use or how to choose a good trial camera, contact with us for more information.