Trail Camera Using Tips

Trail Camera Using Tips

The trial camera is a necessary equipment for hunters. Hunters can observe their target animals in a wide area and know well about the number, gender, size or area where animals often frequent without making noise. If you are a hunter or a wildlife watcher, here are some tips to help you in using trial cameras.

Update your camera before using

It is the first step and an overlooked step but important that can help you succeed in hunting. Trial cameras contain software which runs the device called firmware. Updating your camera is not only easy but also fixes bugs and errors which cause problems for your camera.

Visit the website of your camera manufacturer and search for the newest firmware, download and apply it to your cameras from the same model. Remember to read the instruction carefully to avoid problems during the firmware update.

Number your devices and GPS the location

To observe a wide area, you have to use many trial cameras and set them reasonable in different places. Therefore, you have to find out an easy way to control all your cameras.

How about numbering them?

I suggest numbering every camera with a marker and also count the chip of that camera. If we do that, we can know what chip we have. The modern camera allows you to imprint a number or name as a sign on the photo.

Besides, GPS the location of every camera and keep a map of all your camera at all times to control your devices quickly.

Mount the cameras correctly

Mounting position is important. Notice these things to make sure your cameras can capture high-quality pictures.

  • First, don’t mount your cameras facing the east or the west. Said the other way, point your cameras to the north or south so that you can avoid the sun glare which can cause “white-out” or exposure blow out to your photos. Use a compass when you set up your camera to avoid ruining your photos.
  • Second, notice the angle of your camera. Although this is a simple thing, hunters usually miss this. Hang your cameras at a 45-degree angle to the trail to increase the trigger time which will give you a better photo of the animal. By placing the camera correctly, you can quickly increase your chances of getting perfect pictures.
  • Third, make sure to remove all the obstructions. Be certain you have a clear view of your cameras. Your camera can be covered by leaves, bushes, or other trees. Confirm your position of the camera is good to make sure you will have best photos.

Keep your camera safe

Think about spending several hundred dollars on your trial cameras and having them stolen.

Well, you hate it, right?

Keep your camera safe

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You can’t check your cameras too often, you can’t stay there to protect your cameras, and you can’t do anything to make sure your cameras are safe. You have to accept that someone can steal your cameras anytime. What you can do is to minimize the opportunity for them to be stolen.

Remember these things:

  • First, don’t hang your cameras in an apparent position.
  • Second, mount them too high trees and use security cables.
  • Finally, by the trial cameras which have camouflaged skin or security codes.

These things don’t make your cameras completely safe, but at least you can protect your cameras in best ways.

In conclusion, the trial camera is an excellent device that helps hunter in hunting very much. Follow these things and I believe you will have best testing cameras, best photos, and best memories. If you have any questions or need more tips, contact us for help.