What Is Whiting Fish? All Beginners Should Know

Many people might not know the answer to the question: “ what is whiting fish? ” However, this species of fish might occur in your life much more regularly than you might think. For example, if you have recently eaten imitation crab, the chance is high that you eat a kind of Whiting fish. In fact, Whiting fish is a very healthy food ingredient which contains a lot of protein, fats, and minerals. They have a similar taste to cod with, however, many people believe that it tastes better.

Also, if you are an angler or want to go fishing, you should know that Whiting fish is a kind of favorite live bait of many professional anglers.

Besides, Whiting fish is not only a better alternative of cod, it also more economical and sustainable. Therefore, if you want to know more about Whiting fish, scroll down for particular information.

Here are some things that you need to know to answer the question: what is whiting fish?

What Is Whiting Fish?

Whiting fish is not just a type of fish. In fact, the term “Whiting fish” is used to mention about different types of fish. They include species of fish from various locations such as Pacific Whiting fish, Japanese whiting fish, Australian Whiting fish, and English whiting fish. They also include Whiting fish with different traits such as King George whiting fish and red spot whiting fish. Actually, Whiting fish are found abundantly in nature.

You can call these fish based on their sizes as well. For a small sized whiting fish, you can call it silver hake. On the other hand, big sized whiting fish is called king whiting. Whiting fish are fish of medium size. An average Whiting fish can grow up to about 4 to 5 lbs and have the length from 28 to 20 inches.


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Many scientists have stated that Whiting fish contains a lot of nutrients including protein, essential minerals, and vitamins. For many anglers, Whiting fish not just ensures that they would have a great meal; it is also the favorite lures to help them catch big fish.

Whiting fish are a crucial fish in the food chain. They are such voracious predators against smaller fish. They are also favorite species of many fish in the area.

Their Physical Characteristics:

From the list of the Whiting fish, you can see that they can live in many different habitats. Hence, they would have different physical characteristics to adapt to their living habitats. Nevertheless, they are all considered as white fleshed fish.

These fish often go hunting at night and spend the daytime resting among the bed of the ocean by using surf fishing rod, preferably in some places which are full of sand and pebbles. When the sun sets, they often move along the water column to seek for their prey.

Since different species of whiting fish live in different areas, their tastes are also different. However, most of these fish have a mild flavor. The texture of these fish is quite firm. When comparing the meat of this fish to cod, many people state that while these fish are quite similar, the former taste softer and moister than the latter. In addition, Whiting fish has a low level of mercury, making it extremely safe to enjoy this type of fish.

Physical Characteristics

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Their Nutrients

As mentioned above, Whiting fish is packed with a lot of essential nutrients. Like any other type of fish you normally eat, Whiting fish has a great source of protein and fat. In 1 ounce of Whiting fish’s serving, you would be able to receive 5 grams of protein and1/3 grams of fat. It is worth noting that the fat you get from eating Whiting fish is Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a type of healthy fat. In fact, you would need this type of fat to enhance your heart’s health and reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

An additionally, ounce of Whiting fish can also supply you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well. These vitamins include ten mg of calcium, five mg of magnesium as well as more than 60 grams of phosphorus and potassium. There is also a considerable amount of vitamin A along with some amounts of vitamin B and vitamin D.

How To Cook Whiting Fish

There are many things about Whiting fish that can persuade you to eat them. First, they are healthy with a low level of mercury. Second, they come in a huge amount with a stable population. And last but not least, cooking this species of fish is very easy. For example, Whiting fish filet. They taste best when they are fresh so make sure you can purchase the freshest fish for the best eating experience. The best season in which you can buy fresh whiting fish is from early June to January of each year.

Before you cook the fish, wash the fish lightly with vinegar and rinse them with water to get rid of the unpleasant Oceanic smells.

If you don’t want to cook with oil, the best method you should follow is poaching. You can poach Whiting fish with just a little bit of water, white wine before topping the dish with lemon zest to serve.

Keep in mind that to keep the taste of the Whiting fish as much true as possible, you should not season a lot. Just salt and pepper are enough to enhance the flavor of the fish.

How To Cook Whiting Fish

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Overall, Whiting fish are found abundantly in various places. They are tasty, nutritious, and firm. You should try this type of fish, or else you would miss one of the tastiest fish on Earth. Also, if you care about sustainability in fishing, this type of fish is included in your meal plan.

I hope that with the article above, you would be able to know more about Whiting fish. So the next time if someone asks you “what is whiting fish?” you would be able to provide them precise and interesting information.