When is the Best Time to go Crabbing?

Crabbing is an interesting activity that does not require much human intervention. Still, it is advisable that you bear in mind some strategies in time for crabbing to get the most crabs. With that in mind, I’m very pleased to guide you closer on the way towards becoming the most skilled crab fisherman ever.

When giving you information on when the best time to go crabbing is, I will mainly focus on crabbing season and most suitable times of the day.

Crabbing season

Crabbing is a year-round recreational activity, so there is no need for specific crabbing time. However, for serious and professional crabbing, to get a lucrative result, acknowledging when is the best time to go crabbing is a must.

Crabbing season is a period during which crabs are redundant and actively search for food. And of course, this is an ideal time for you to capture them.

Crabbing season

Image source: CDFW Marine Management News – WordPress.com

For each area, crabbing season may start sooner or later. Nevertheless, most people agree that crabs are most likely to be caught during summertime when the climate is often higher than other seasons. Ideal period for crabbing in my area is around late April to mid-May. However, I recommend you not rigidly apply this in your regions, as the climate may behave whimsically. It may be cold even around mid-May or warm before late April. Therefore, take notice of your region’s temperature as well. As I have tested, crabs have a tendency to prosper in water that is around 25 Celsius.

If you are satisfied with quantity, summer is for you to go crabbing. But if you wish for meatier crabs, I suggest you go crabbing in Fall. For example, blue crabs often reach the fullest growth around September time because they often spawn in the period between May and August.

When is the best time to go crabbing: Time of day?

You may notice that professional crab fishers do not go crabbing at a fixed hour. The reason for this is the daily change of rising tides and receding tides.

The perfect time of a day for deploying or setting your crab trap/crab pot is before rising tide. It is when the water is about to move or is moving, so the currents created can affect crabs’ ways towards your traps or nets.

When is the best time to go crabbing

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One thing you should remember: Always set your traps when the water is about to move or when it’s moving. Never set your trap AT high tides. At that time, water is static, and you’ll have to wait until the tide recedes to catch crabs.

I frequently set my traps 2 hours before high tides if possible, and I always catch the most crabs according to my records.

All instructions above are only applied in areas where tide appears. In some places such as the ocean, the tide does not have an influence on crab number. Therefore, you can deploy your trap any time of the day. Keep in mind that strong sea currents may drift away from your traps, so you should choose the best crab traps for your area. As for how to choose crab traps, you should read my other article “How to use a crab trap” in the link at the end of this article.


  • There are two rising tides a day, so make most of this fact to catch the biggest number of crabs. If one rising tide is not suitable for you, use the other one!
  • Different areas have different tide schedules. Moreover, as the moon’s gravitational comes 1 hour later every day, you should change your time for setting traps as well.
  • You should have a local tide chart so that you can catch the most crabs every day. If you your area does not have its tide chart, ask experienced crab fishers or inspect yourself by setting traps every hour.
  • Also, check your local regulations for which time range is permitted for crabbing.


I hope you will see this as a useful guideline for entering the crabbing field. However, I advise you not to rely on this article too much. Instead, you should ask for experienced crab fishers. Thus, you can find out when is the best time to go crabbing in your region.

After all, I hope you would have a great time when going crabbing, and do not put pressure on yourself if the result is not good. Successful crabbing, just like other fields, is only for those who are intent.