Where to Pitch a Tent? Not a Question with Our Guide

Where to pitch a tent is the most common question for the new campers. Pitching a tent is considered as the most important activity which can lead you to a happy or a worst ever camping day.

Choosing a location for your tent is the main factor, or we can say that pitching a tent is all about finding LOCATION. If you do not acknowledge the keys to set up your tent, you can cause a big trouble not only for you but also for your camper-mates.

Here are some key points for pitching a tent:

Where to Pitch a Tent? Choose flat ground

Why  do you have to look for flat ground?

Because you do not want to have a sleeping night under these stuff like sand, stones, needle, rocks, or dirt…

Choose flat ground

Image source: Visit NSW

Therefore, remember you should find a good level and substantial ground for your tent. Clean all of the stuff on the ground by your foot or any tools to brush them away.

Make sure you feel comfortable by laying  your bag and mattress for checking.

Please avoiding hills

Avoiding setting up your camp on top, bottom or even middle of hills because it can lead to a major threat to your safety.

Please avoiding hills

Image source: Chris Townsend Outdoors

Imagine in your mind, how you would balance even yourself on the slopes and protect from the wind. It is wise to set up your camp in a valley because of incredible protection from the sun and the wind.

However, it is good on the rainy days for camping in the valley. By the way, the main purpose is that you must keep away your camp from hills as far as possible.

Taking a serious consideration with SUN EXPOSURE

Try to set your camp at the shady place. Because you do not want to experience yourself as you stay in the oven.

Tents are put directly to the sun causing deterioration to your valuable tent. Check instruction of tent-care before using a tent.

Taking a serious consideration with SUN EXPOSURE

Image source: Outdoor Gear Lab

Wind exposure

A natural windbreak is a great position for our campsite so try to look it.

Never set up your tent’s door facing to the wind, because it can blow away the heat in your tent especially  at night. It will be a horrible night, and you cannot take any rest if the tent is flapping whole night due to the wind.

Stay near the water source

It is sure that you will not take enough water for your long day camping. For that reason, you will need more water when your supply runs out of.

Stay near the water source

Image source: The Irish Times

However, staying near the water source is not the safest decision due to some reasons:

  • Setting your tent so close to water source can be dangerous if rain or flood comes, your campsite can be washed away.
  • By staying near the water, you can get some unexpected wild friends, or get noisy because of water flowing.

For these unsafe reasons, keep in your mind that you should stay near  the water source but not SO NEAR.

Take your mark with you

Because of environmental responsibilities on our shoulders, we should never leave any trashes at out campsite. Collect them to dustbins or garbage disposal. Try our best to keep our environment, nature last eternally.

In conclusion, choosing where to pitch a tent is a hard question for inexperienced campers. Choosing flat ground, avoiding hills, considering sun and wind exposure, staying near the water source and taking your mark with you are the key points for your confusion. Hopefully, this small article helps you to have ideas for your camping day. We wish you wonderful trips.

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