Which Bow Case is Right for You?

When going for a bow hunting party or attending a competition about bow shooting, it is rather hard for archer to travel or moving if there are many things to handle. Therefore, one tool that plays an essential role in bow accessories is bow case. It is invented to store what you need to move around easily for those occasions such as bow, arrows, glove or finger tab, so forth and so on. Also, bow case will offer the protection to the bow set and keep it safe. Actually, because bow has a lot of types, there are many kinds of bow cases such as:

  • Compound bow
  • Recurve bow
  • Crossbow case
  • Traditional
  • Longbow case

However, people usually divide bow cases into 2 basic kinds which are soft and hard shell cases. They are available for the various shapes and sizes.

1. Soft Shell Bow Case

Soft Shell Case

Simple speaking, it is just a big nylon pocket to wrap up all of the equipment with some extra pocket for smaller tools. It is much lighter than the hard shell case, therefore, it is very easy to carry for long distances or for those who have to travel many times. However, because of its flexible material, it cannot contain many things heaping up together inside. If you do so, the bow or the other equipment will be damaged or broken. Besides, it is not also durable but its price is rather affordable. If you are on a tight budget, why don’t you try this kind?

2. Hard Shell Case

In another word, it is a big hard and solid box to contain the equipment. Its material is hard plastic or light mental, which is results in the heavier weight than the soft shell case. However, because it is made from hard material, it provides more protection to your tools and you absolutely are able to stack them without worrying if they are damaged or broken as the soft shell case. Also, it offers you many compartments to store and keep the bow and many other things in right place without moving while carrying.

Hard Shell Case

Todays, while the demand of bow cases is increasing rapidly, there are many types of hard shell cases that have the handles and wheels for more easily moving. Besides, it is rather durable and offer the highest protection as well. There is a general rule of thumbs: more convenient the case offers you, more expensive it will cost. In reality, this kind of case is usually used for Olympics or other competitions by the archers.

In reality, no matter whether it is soft or hard shell case, there is only one design for the compound bow because of its particular shape and the same with crossbow case. With the recurve bow, there are more choices in design such as traditional case and take-down recurve bow case. Basically, it has 3 types for this kind of bow:

  • The bow sock
  • The single
  • The double

a) The bow sock:

Bow Sock

Like those socks we usually use for your feet, this kind sock is particularly used for bow, especially recurve bow. Its material is often nylon or fabric. When unstrung, slip the sock over the bow until it cover the entire of it. It has the function of reducing rubbing repeatedly with other equipment while wrapping them together.

b) Single:

It can be either soft shell case or hard shell case to hold a single Olympics bow. This kind of bowcase offers some pockets with many different sizes to hold the entire of bow accessories.

c) Double:

This kind of case can hold two Olympics bows inside and it is only the hard shell case. Double case is the most popular kind that archers usually use for competitions when they need more than a bow to compete.

Double Bow Case

Depending on your preference, how large of your bow accessories, the distance of your travel and how many times you go, your budget, so forth and so on, you need to consider these elements to choose the most suitable kind of bow case for your bow. For example, if you attend a competition, you need to choose the hard shell case, if you have more than one bow, the double case is a worth investment. Besides, if you are new to shooting with a bow and your bow accessories is not large, let’s try a soft shell case for easy transportation.