Blog Writers Wanted!!!

If you are a writer/author/ who has interest in hunting and hunting products, we are pleased to work with you.

Prior to submitting, please have a look at the checklist below. Have you…

  • Written about hunting or fishing products?

If yes, please send us link of yours which have been posted on the other sites.

On the contrary, it’s okay! Please send us a short draft relating to one of the topics below. AND it must be UNIQUE! We don’t accept a duplicate content.

  • Added your full name, website, email, Google+ profile and Twitter on the top of your submission.


The topics that you are going to cover

  • Hunting
  • Survival
  • Camping or Fishing are also welcome

Besides, we are happy to work with JOURNALIST/BLOGGER who love sharing experience and even BRANDS who want to promote this field together with us. Furthermore, it is to offer better information to support readers of BraveHunters Blog

How to contact us


We are looking forward to your submission!