How to Zero an EOTech Holographic Sight

Hunters are of aware how some technical support helps them gain accurate sight and shoot a target handily. That’s why a modern device named EOTech Holographic Sight is commonly used. Firstly, you should know how to use this device to maximize a peripheral vision, acquire the target fast and control your engagement zone.

Preparation Essentials

First of all, you need to prepare these four items

  • 25-yard shooting yard
  • Paper target
  • EO tech sight
  • Ammunition

Also, prepare other supporting items such as Supporting firing position, tape measure/ ruler, tape and flat blade screwdriver.

Set up your position

Before going ahead, you need to set yourself a steady base and a resting place for your rifle. Surely, you do not want to touch the barrel by accident. Therefore, here are three steps you should follow to ensure your shooting efficiency.

  • Keep in mind that irrespective of how your handguard free floating, you need a solid platform for a shooting rest. It suggests a correct prone position. Also, your rifle needs to be placed unshakably.
  • Put a paper target at 25 yards from your shooting platform.
  • Practice setting it at mechanical zero to improve an accuracy of your target shooting, even at a further distance of 300 yards.
Set up your position

Image source: Optics Planet

How to zero the EOTech Holographic Sight

This device has a modified sight reticle to assist you in shooting the acquired target with two eyes open. However, to make it effective you need to zero the sight until it matches the bullet’s point of impact. Hence, you should implement these six steps correctly.

Importantly, after setting the sight to zero, you need to check if there are 160 clicks in an elevation adjustment and a windage.

Regulate the adjusting screws

  • Turn the adjusting screw in one direction. Then, rotate it to another direction 80 clicks.
  • Do the same with the other screw.
  • Start to put three rounds after prone position right.
  • Fire the three rounds in such a way that they strike to target as close together as possible.

Note: There’s no need to worry when all rounds do not strike at the target center. Just focus on your goal that is to strike the ground so that it is relatively adjacent to the others.

Determine the strike location

  • Check the target and determine your average strike location. For instance, your average strike location of the rounds equal three if your three-round’s position shape looks like a triangle. Meanwhile, you could not get an exact reading of the three rounds stay pretty separately from others.
  • Make an attempt at striking to ensure their radius is within 8 cm.
Determine the strike location

Image source: YouTube

Measure the averaged strike location

  • Measure the location from up or down to the imaginary line from left to right and record the measurement.
  • Keep measuring from a right or left to its imaginary center line. And write down the measurement.
  • Continue to place a tape on each bullet hole.

Decide needed clicks

To direct the bullets’ impact on the target center, you need to be aware of how many times you have to click to rotate the screw. As for this 25 shooting yards, it would be a 0.3 cm move from the point of impact. In case you aim to move it 2.5 cm, you need to rotate the screw 8 clicks.

Adjust the elevation

To move the point of impact down, you turn the screw clockwise to place it nearest to the rear of the sight. Otherwise, rotate it clockwise to move it up.

Adjust the windage

To move the point of impact to the left, rotate the adjusting screws to the front of the sight counterclockwise. And turn it clockwise to move the point to the right.

Recheck all the installation of An EOTech Holographic Sight

If you lose center of this rifle, you can adjust the optics. Also, you not do need to use excessive force. Instead, you should turn the screw in the opposite direction. Then, continue to run until it comes to the stops. It requires you to count the turns and divide the number by two. The result will demonstrate how many turns you need to set zero An EOTech Holographic Sight. Besides, you need to examine the three steps below to have correct measurements.

  • Keep firing three rounds and check the target.
  • Adjust the elevation screws and the windage if necessary.
  • Unless the point of impact reaches roughly 1.3cm beneath the target center, continue to fire.

Note: It requires you to adjust the number of turns in the direction you made initially to the first limit. In this way, you soon reach a boresight aim.

Final words

Obviously, this EOTech Holographic Sight supports you to aware a situation with two eyes open shooting. Also, its reticle brightness allows you to adapt to different conditions. Besides, you should execute properly four aforementioned instructions to exploit its function effectively. Specifically, after preparing all essentials, suitable prone shooting, you start striking many times to gain suitable measurements. Then, you are able to proceed the elevation and the windage adjustments. After all, you can set this device at zero. Hope you handle this EO tech for your shooting skillfully!